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New policy starting 10/01/2022 

Due to the current economy and the increase in the cost of products all patients not in trial will be charged a co-pay of $35 per visit unless otherwise stated in the contract. 3-6 month clean and checks will still be a courtesy appointment we will provide but will only be a 15-minute appointment. If you will need more than a clean and check, please let us know ahead of time. All home service appointments outside of trial will be charged $50 for the home visit. Thank you for your understanding.


-Hearing Solutions of Miami Valley staff


At Hearing Solutions of Miami Valley, we offer kind and caring service while treating each client with the utmost respect and courtesy. We offer FREE hearing evaluations, Service for your hearing aids, as well as high-quality hearing aids with the latest technology at extremely affordable pricing. "Helping people make sound decisions" means we go the extra mile to help each client in need with home visits and financial assistance.


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Now offering multiple satellite locations- Vandalia, Miamisburg, Columbus, Dublin, and Cincinnati. Hours vary with each location.

All of our offices are 
This is to help ensure the safety of our staff and patients
Thank you for your understanding

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