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Do you have insurance? Let us check for you! Many Medicare supplement plans have a hearing aid benefit, some with a $0 out of pocket cost. There are also many employer insurance that covers the cost of hearings aids as well. With 90% of our business dealing with insurance we are well versed on the in's and out's of insurance and understand how confusing it may be. Let us take the stress and worry away.

What insurance do you have?

Some Medicare supplements as well as employers insurance we accept (not limited to)

Anthem Mediblue


United Health Care

UAW Trust

Middletown Works

Anthem BCBS


And more...

The way the insurance works...

Most of the insurance companies have contracted out third party companies who run each insurance. We are contractually bound by the insurance and have no control over pricing or what they might offer as far as brand. Please keep that in mind. Some of the insurance above takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks to process. We do not have the hearing aids on hand.

Some of those third parties we work with are..

Hearing Care Solutions


United Healthcare Hearing (also known as EPIC Hearing)

Hear USA

Hear in America

If you ever need us to get you in contact with an medicare supplement insurance agent, please call us and we would be happy to give you information.




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