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Our conveniently placed offices in Vandalia, Miamisburg, Columbus, Dublin, and Cincinnati are here to help our Ohio residents. Our Vandalia location is our central office with the others being satellite offices to reduce commuting times for our patients as well as being able to help as many patients as possible. All our phone calls for scheduling funnel into our Vandalia office. 

Our providers are credentialed and licensed with the state of Ohio. Our providers also go through continuous extensive training to keep up with the ever-changing technology. We offer assorted brands to fit the needs of each patient. Our providers take immense pride in the work they do!

With a few of our insurances we do offer home visit appointments. For this reason, we do not accept ANY walk-in appointments. We would hate for someone to drive to our office for us not to be there. We do NOT have set IN OFFICE hours. Please always call our office at 937-387-9246 for all issues. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will return your call within 24hours or as soon as possible Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday messages will be returned on Monday in the order they were received.

All patients outside of their contracted number of service appointments will be charged a $35 office visit. This is due to the increase of product cost, as well as the supply costs from the manufacturers. If you need any extra supplies that would be a cost on top of that $35 office visit. We have tried to avoid this for years and hate to do it but, find it very necessary for our practice. Thank you for your understanding.



We provide you with a thorough, state-of-the-art hearing evaluation to identify the nature and extent of your hearing loss, as well as the degree to which it interferes with your ability to understand speech.


If the test results suggest a possible medical problem, we will refer you to your physician with copies of your evaluation sent directly to your physician's office.


If your hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids, we will discuss your options based off of your hearing test with your insurance options


We discuss the different types of hearing aids available and help you choose the best hearing aids for your specific needs and lifestyle.  


Your new aids can typically be delivered 1-2 weeks later. If you use insurance expect up to 6 weeks for hearing aids. We'll discuss maintenance, care, programming, and blue-tooth connection to your phone. We answer all your questions and concerns to ensure you're 100% confident before you leave.


A series of follow-up visits will be scheduled to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with your hearing aids. If anything comes up between them, we're always a phone call away, at any time.

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